Groundhog Day (354)


by Andrew Osborne

In the years when I was a writer-for-hire, I was sometimes broke and sometimes doing pretty well…but either way, I always had plenty of time.  In the current period, I have a fairly steady income thanks to a quilt of part-time non-writing jobs (mostly teaching, transcribing, and recruiting).  I’m no longer living from gig to gig, stretching the last work-for-hire check until the next one arrives (always late and after multiple calls to my latest client).  And I’m no longer temping, enslaved to the clock in a series of corporate hell-holes.  Instead, I mostly work from home, which is nice, and my finances are actually predictable for a change, though never quite enough.  But now, every week is Groundhog Day.  Each weekday is packed with work commitments from dawn ’til dusk, and there’s always something to do on the weekends…whether it’s chores or time with loved ones…and then it’s Monday again, and back to the paying work I’m always just a little behind on.  Launching a business — a small press, a game company — is a full-time occupation, and I’m trying to do it on the installment plan, devoting two or three hours a week to the minutiae of formatting and reformatting .jpgs and .pdfs, reading legal jargon, writing a daily blog to keep myself motivated.  But, on the plus side, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring…so maybe there’s hope.


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