351 (350)

by Andrew Osborne

So, whoever guessed “14 days” in the “how long ’til I miss a day in my self-inflicted blog-a-day-til-I’m-50 challenge” wins the office pool!

But when I finally had a moment to write yesterday (after non-stop work, dinner, and Hail, Caesar!), my wife and cat were asleep on top of me in a pile of cozy and I couldn’t reach the computer so…no regrets.

And my entire schedule today is (1) wake up, (2) get ready, (3) drive to Brookline, (4) teach a class, (5) buy a new laptop, (6) blog about not blogging yesterday, (7) drive to Jamaica Plain, (8) celebrate my friend Joe’s birthday, (9) see the awesomely named Billy Joel cover band Heart-Attack-Ack-Ack that my wife bought tickets for (at Johnny D’s, which I have to enjoy as much as possible before it closes forever next month), and (10) sleep.

So, another day without progress, but stay tuned for a whole lotta minimal progress tomorrow!



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