Lab Rat (346)


by Andrew Osborne

One of the reasons it’s taking so long to get my book and game projects going is time, as I’ve mentioned.  But also, there’s a decent possibility it may also have to do with the fact that I’m part of the control group of some interdimensional/supernatural lab experiment.

Sounds crazy, no?

But how else to explain that my paying work always takes up exactly as much productive time as I have, and the money I gain from it is always just quite not as much as I need?  There were a few years where I was actually earning decent money as a writer — but those jobs always lasted just long enough to get me out of the debt from a preceding stretch of unemployment and were always followed by another debt-inducing stretch of unemployment.   Plus, they allowed for just enough success in my life so that I wouldn’t be a failure, balanced with just enough failure to keep me from actually being successful.

Yep, I’m pretty sure:  whoever’s in charge of the lab is definitely giving me placebos.





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