That’ll do, Preacher, that’ll do.


by Andrew Osborne

Preacher, the comic, hooked me right away and kept me reading straight through to the end.

Preacher, the TV show, had a promising pilot and a fairly solid cast…but somehow, AMC’s managed to make a series about a vampire, two gun-toting outlaw lovers & a war in Heaven 100 times duller than Saul Goodman Xeroxing legal documents.

In the words of my friend, the esteemed Scott Von Doviak, “That show is just a collection of unrelated scenes, as if there wasn’t a blueprint with both words and pictures right there for them to follow.”

And most of those unrelated scenes are sooooooooo dull, with characters just waiting around for something to happen (spiced up with the occasional “shocking” image).

Somehow, Seth Rogen and the gang seem to think the most interesting thing about Preacher is whether Custer will become a good preacher or not, which…no.

Plus, after binge-watching a marathon, I had to suffer through four consecutive episodes about whether Custer will get back to being a criminal with his old girlfriend, which he refuses each time. Not to mention I can only understand about 50% of what the damn Irish vampire says.

Good soundtrack, though…but, nah.  I’m out.



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