Presidential Epilogue

by Andrew Osborne

I hear Trump was surprisingly gracious to Hillary in victory, and I truly hope that he somehow manages to be a great president. But the fact that tens of millions of people voted for the openly bigoted, sexist, and dangerously ignorant things he said during the endless campaign (and that millions more couldn’t be bothered to vote at all or chose feeling good about themselves over trying to stop such a man) is why this election night was more disturbing and upsetting for me than any other in my life. Obama’s two victories made me think America was finally getting smarter and better, but now I know that was just wishful thinking. We’ll always be the Union vs. the Confederacy. We’ll always be rural vs. urban, rich vs. poor, right vs. left. We’ll always be divided, and I don’t even WANT to be united with people who support “jokes” about killing journalists and jailing opponents and nuclear war. I don’t really want to be united with the supporters of a candidate who the KKK and Putin also support…I don’t really want to be united with people who deny science and oppose gay marriage and actively work to prevent blacks and Latinos from voting. But…enough. I truly don’t want to think or talk about politics as much going forward, because words and facts are clearly meaningless in America now. We all preach to our own choirs. I’ve said it before (and keep falling short), but going forward, I hope I can follow the example of those doing the actual hard work of elections: phone banks, canvassing, etc. And if you want to argue with this post, go ahead and dispute me or bash Hillary or praise Trump/Johnson/Stein or whatever down there in the comments. But I’m done arguing (at least for a while…though my wife doesn’t believe me). And to everyone else (especially those with kids), good luck: I hope Trump surprises us all (in a good way for a change), or at least leaves behind some semblance of the country I grew up in.


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