Twin Peaks: Back to the Front (SPOILERS!!!)


by Andrew Osborne

Watching Episode 1 again is the ideal way to spend the first Sunday in weeks with no new Peaks, and man

“It’s a world of truck drivers.”

It’s also a nice reminder of how much Lynch and Frost gave us, and how much I’d already forgotten about: the big lady with the tiny dog, Otis and Beulah, the fact that the couple in the glass box room in NYC die in the very first hour (which is not at all how I remembered it, reflecting the fact that the show isn’t remotely as slow-paced as its reputation, especially considering the first hour also contains the discovery of the gruesome corpse of Briggs/Ruth Davenport, the shocking revelation of how good an actor Matthew Lillard is, and…hokey-smokes, so much more.

Seeing Episode 1 again also reminds me how Lynch uses red herrings that lead nowhere from the get-go — i.e., not just the kids in the roadhouse later, but Hank the maintenance man (angry at his never-seen friend for sending the cops to his place of business) — to disguise which threads and characters are actually important and connect to the big picture.

Speaking of which: here are some new thoughts and theories after going back to the start (thoughts which I’m sure other people have already posited in the thousands of think pieces since the finale — but, hey, I’m just re-processing some of the stuff I didn’t fully process until now):

1. So, the glass box…that’s another entrance to the Black Lodge, like the one in Buckhorn and Twin Peaks and who knows where else, yes?

2. Could Evil Coop be the unnamed funder of the NYC glass box room, seeking said entrances, coordinates, and/or other miscellaneous Lodge info?

3. I’m sure others have mentioned this one already, but:  is the thing in the glass box Judy?

4. Does dead Ruth’s ripped-open eye mean she was also killed by the same (maybe Judy) thing that kills the people watching the glass box?

All of which leads to a new thought:

* So, Original-Flavor Cooper is fully coherent and alert when he speaks to the Fireman/Giant in the opening scene of the season, and the Giant says, “It is in our house now.” So, that scene comes after Evil Coop/BOB’s been defeated, yes? And the referenced house is the Palmer residence, perhaps, and the glass box-maybe Judy-face-eater is what inhabits the Palmer house and/or Sarah Palmer? (And Coop’s bringing alternate reality Laura there to confront Judy?)

Or not.  (And I’m not even getting into the whole meta thematic layer of what’s really, really going on.)

But goddamn…again…what an amazing, unexpected 18-hour gift, one that’ll keep on giving for as many years of revisits, contemplation, etc. as the original series, Fire Walk With Me, and…well, pretty much everything else Lynch has ever done.


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