An Open Letter to the DCCC

My inbox was flooded by fundraising requests from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the past few months.  Today I finally wrote back to them.

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Teen Technorati

by Andrew Osborne

I recently wrote the voiceover for Wired‘s new web reality show Teen Technorati, which could also be called America’s Got Brains since it follows a bunch of smart, ambitious young people competing for $100,000 grants to make the world a better place.  Eat it, Kardashians!

Please to enjoy the first season, below!

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I Was 27 on the 405 When Tami Heide Told Me Kurt Cobain Died

by Andrew Osborne

I sometimes get angry at Nirvana for ruining music, but after watching their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction tonight, all is forgiven because… Continue reading ‘I Was 27 on the 405 When Tami Heide Told Me Kurt Cobain Died’

IFFB Review: Life on the V – The Story of V66


Life on the V:  The Story of V66

Directed by Eric Green
Reviewed by Andrew Osborne

Thanks to the Baby Boomers’ endless nostalgia for their lost youth, the ’50s, ‘60s and ‘70s never really faded away. From Mad Men to the latest Beatles-related reissue/interview/documentary, the sights and sounds of those particular decades seem fresher in America’s collective memory than the Reagan/Bush era that followed.

And technology just adds to the amnesia: while the Boomers’ glory days were captured on durable film stock and the lives of Generations Y & Z have been obsessively chronicled and digitally preserved in the Cloud, our hazy recollections of the 1980s are mirrored by the fading Polaroids, tangled cassette tapes and degrading VHS footage of a time when Gen-X was coming of age, Michael Jackson was still black and MTV actually played music videos.

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Richest to Poorest Characters of the 2014 Oscars

by Andrew Osborne

So, a few weeks ago, during awards season, I submitted the following writing sample  to a (fairly cynical) website devoted to wealth…though, ironically, the editors seemed very hesitant about telling me exactly how much $$$ they’d actually pay me per article.  As such, I eventually just bailed on the non-negotiations, but their loss is the Screengrab in Exile’s gain as I (belatedly) present the Richest to Poorest Characters of the 2014 Oscars!

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2014 Oscar Live Blog!

6:47 PM – Rather than watching Oscar coverage from 8:00 AM on, my wife (Amy) and mother-in-law (Dori) and I actually went out for a lovely Oscar dinner at Toscano in Harvard Square, so we’re only just getting to the red carpet now…JUST in time to see Lupita N’yongo’s stylist blasting a hair dryer up her skirt or something.  She looks like a pretty, pretty princess in blue, but the dress isn’t as much of a knock-out as her red science fiction cape thing from the Golden Globes.  In other news, Anna Kendrick gets a thumbs up and Dori’s response to Pharrell’s Little Lord Fauntleroy shortpants is, and I quote:  “What an asshole.”  Which means we’re officially off and running for Oscars 2014!

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